The Little Sisters arrived in Waterford on 12th February 1868.With them we give thanks for 150 years presence in that city.

Father Ernest Lelievre was a french priest attached to the Congregation.The question was asked “Have the poor ever had a greater friend than he?”He had worked tirelessly giving himself and spending his inheritance for the  foundation of homes of the Little Sisters. With several foundations in England and Scotland he wished to come to Ireland. In 1867 he appealed to the Bishop of Waterford, who after some consideration gave permission.

The Little Sisters sailed from Milford Haven to Waterford Quay and arrived at their destination on Wednesday 12th February 1868

A piece of land was acquired at Manor Hill and the new home was built there and opened in October 1874.

For over 140 years , from this home on the hilltop, the Little Sisters continued the work of Jeanne Jugan. In 2008 work got underway for a new home to be built at Ferrybank on the border with Co. Kilkenny.

30th November 2010,it was goodbye to Manor Hill and welcome to Ferrybank


We wish everyone in Ferrybank a happy year of celebrations.