Volunteers play an essential role in the life of each Home, providing our Residents with the extra attention that makes all the difference in their lives.

Volunteers also provide invaluable support in many areas of our homes such as assisting in the dining room, helping at reception, visiting sick Residents in their rooms, accompanying Residents to hospital appointments, arranging various activities, helping with fundraising etc.

Although they give us so much of their time and service, our volunteers are unanimous that through their contact with the elderly they receive much more than they give!

If you would like to enrich your own life, and the lives of the needy elderly through volunteering, contact the home nearest you for further information.

Tel. (051) 833 006
Email: ms.waterford@lspireland.com

Holy Family Residence, DUBLIN 14
Tel. (01) 283 2455
Email: ms.holyfamily@lspireland.com

Sacred Heart Residence, Raheny, DUBLIN 5
Tel. (01) 833 2308
Email: ms.raheny@lspireland.com

44 Union Street GREENOCK PA16 8DP
Tel: 0147 572 2465
Email: ms.greenock@lspscotland.com

Robroyston GLASGOW G33 1QT
Tel. 0141 558 5114
Email:    ms.glasgow@lspscotland.com


A great source of life and vitality generated in our homes comes from our wonderful staff members and bands of volunteers. Each one brings not only his/her expertise in the running of the homes, but a marvellous friendly atmosphere. It is imperative that each one feels a part of the home — to echo the words of Jeanne Jugan when speaking of those who helped her: “What could we do without you?” This phrase will never be extinct for the Little Sisters of the Poor.


Sharing in the family spirit established by our foundress we welcome the collaboration and support of people from all walks of life. The great network of Jeanne Jugan grows daily! So many ‘jobs’ need doing: driving an elderly person to the hospital for an appointment, serving at meal times, entertaining, baking, typing, washing up, or just a friendly chat … to mention but a few!

Here’s one with a difference. Residents from Sybil Hill are taken out in a Rickshaw.

Would you like to share a little of your time as a volunteer with or for others and so make a difference in their lives? You would soon see that it would certainly make a difference in yours!

Canada Life Reinsurance employees have provided the residents of Sybil Hill Nursing Home in Raheny with a novel way to enjoy their local area. They have donated a trishaw, a three-wheeled cycle, to the nursing home and arranged to pilot the bike and bring the residents out for cycles in the local area.
Picture by Shane O’Neill, SON Photographic