Financial Support


“If God is with us, it will be accomplished.”

These words of Jeanne Jugan are as true today as when she spoke them.

The cost of running our homes and giving the elderly the care they need with up-to-date comfort and equipment, etc., far exceeds the income we receive.  In this respect too, Jeanne Jugan was foresighted, indeed ahead of her time, to put it colloquially.  It was for this reason she started her ‘collecting rounds’ and we as Little Sisters of the Poor today, continue where she left off!

Contributions either in money or gifts in kind are very much appreciated and used according to the intentions of the donor.  Legacies and large donations permit us to modernize our homes and equipment and allow us to meet the ever-evolving needs of the elderly.


We and the elderly in our care pray daily for our benefactors and every month Mass if offered in each of our homes throughout the world for our friends and benefactors, both living and deceased.


Are you a Tax Payer?
Information is available on ways in which we can benefit even more from your donation if you are a tax payer.

For this, please contact the Little Sisters of the Poor at the home nearest you

(see contacts).