“A vocation is a call which the Lord, always faithful, renews for us until the end of our life” (Constitutions of the LSP)

The message of Jeanne Jugan’s vocation is the same for every Little Sister of the Poor:  Each Sister can say with her “God wants me for himself”.   A religious vocation – as other vocations – involves commitment …  total commitment.

Because Jeanne opened her heart to Christ she was able to open it to others.  For her the two were as one … no separation … contemplation and action …

“In serving the Aged, it is Christ himself whom you are serving” (Jeanne Jugan)

Christ himself had given  the same message: “Whatever you do to others you do to me” (Mt 25:40)

  It is this same spirit of knowing that what we do to or for others, we do to Christ that imbues our life as Little Sisters of the Poor today.  With God’s grace each of us has said ‘yes’ to his invitation ‘Come, follow me’.  He uses the most ordinary means to attract people and we would like to share the ‘core elements’ of our vocation as Little Sisters of the Poor with you.