Mission Statement

As Little Sisters of the Poor we welcome the elderly of all nationalities and beliefs. We uphold the sacredness of human life in all its stages. Believing in the total care of the elderly we have at heart to respond to their desires and aspirations.


Sayings of St Jeanne Jugan

Jeanne left no writings.  In fact the only written words we have from her are those of her signature.

However, we are privileged to have many of her ‘sayings’, that is, advice she gave to the novices during the many years she providentially spent with them in the silence of their novitiate.

Notice Board

Clearing up in Edinburgh

Now that most people have left the Home in Edinburgh there are some places to be tidied up. Strong men wanted! The Little Sisters were pleased...

Another Golden Jubilarian

Holy Family Residence joined with Sister Mary Bridget and her family for two wonderful days of celebration. And the band played Congratulations Some day I'm gonna...

50 Golden Years

On 25th September 1968  a group of Little Sisters made their First Profession in St Brigid's Novitiate. That means that they are currently celebrating...