Ferrybank are on the Air!

We had been trying to improve ways of communicating with residents throughout the lockdown although Rose, activities coordinator has helped tremendously in facilitating opportunities with WhatsApp, Skype and by using the Tablets which have been donated.Here we see Rose with Bill Murphy, ready for broadcasting.

It was then suggested that we could create a link between the Concert Hall and the residents’ bedrooms and lounges by opening up another channel.

Thanks to Sean Hennessey, maintenance, who organised the setting up of our Activities Channel we now have endless possibilities of streamlining Activities & Entertainment to the residents.

“So time was against us, thinking caps on, our task ahead was to shine some love and some fun. By beaming the latest technologies into our resident’s rooms, there was laughter all around when our “on air” light went live.

Our concert hall stage was the perfect location a ready made studio for every occasion. We erected two cameras and microphones, to capture picture and sound, some lighting to enhance all who may play, dance or sing.

Thanks to “high-tec” we are now able to stream live events, films, concerts,news desk, comments galore.

Our residents are delighted, a new channel on the remote, press channel fifty, live streaming commenced and much more ”…….(Sean)

Mother  was one of the first “On Air” to thank the Staff who have worked so hard during the lockdown  and the residents who have been heroic in complying with regulations from the Public Health.

Despite the fact that we had an empty Concert Hall apart from a  few Staff, respecting social distancing, all the residents throughout the house and apartments were tuned in.

Rose then introduced the guest artist for the first afternoon, Cathy Desmond, a classical violinist.

Woman playing violin music is love, Violin Drawing Cello ...