Entertaining in Ferrybank

There are about 200 Filipinos living in Waterford City.The Sisters met some of them at the Cathedral and they expressed the desire to come and visit the Residents at Christmas

   A date was agreed but unfortunately they were unable to come because of Influenza among the residents.  It was decided that at the next available date they would visit St. Joseph’s Home.

About 10 adults arrived, including one staff member, and a number of children.   An afternoon’s entertainment was planned for Lourdes Unit.


Filipino folk dances are colourful, beautiful, and vibrant. Their movement, dress, and music reveal the unique Filipino culture. The residents were thrilled with the dancing and singing.   The surprise moment arrived when they brought in a gift for each resident carefully wrapped.

Their own Professional photographer was in attendance.   It was a wonderful afternoon.   They have promised to return again on St. Patrick’s Day, this year they are planning to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.