WORLD YOUTH DAY  was held in Lisbon , Portugal. The Little Sisters have a Home in Lisbon and were happy to accommodate a group of young people from various countries. The Sisters shared in the enthusiasm of the youth

They attended all the meetings

They had a “stall” advertising their mission

They shared the joySpread the good news (see the Irish flag here)

Pope Francis greets young people

Saw the Holy Father and listened to his message

Dear young people,” the Pope said, “I would like to look into the eyes of each one of you and say to you: Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.”

He assured them that Jesus Himself is looking out on them: “What is more, I tell you something very beautiful: It is no longer me, it is Jesus Himself who is looking at you, at this moment. He is looking at us. He knows you, He knows the heart of each one of you, He knows the life of each one of you. He knows your joys, He knows your sorrows, your successes, and your failures.