Josie wins the battle

Dubliner Josephine Silo has made a remarkable recovery from Covid-19 at the age of 103.

She tested positive for the coronavirus, but has since made a full recovery much to the delight of everyone at the Sacred Heart Residence on Sybil Hill Road, Raheny, where she is a popular resident. Ms Silo said she was diagnosed with the virus around three weeks ago.   “I was coughing. I didn’t feel good. But I wasn’t breathless, that didn’t affect me,” she told the Irish Independent. “The cough was a bit irritating that’s all.”

But despite her age, she said she wasn’t worried about the diagnosis as she didn’t feel that bad. However, she agreed her story shows it is possible to recover from Covid-19 at her age and that this could offer hope to others who are diagnosed with it.

“I’m all right now. I’m feeling pretty good,” she said, adding she was very happy to be recovered.


Good Health Josie