Sister John is on the run, She’s not doing it for fun

For the MARATHON is coming up in June.

She wants to get real fit, to FUNDRAISE a little bit

But she really needs to get some SPONSORS soon.

With Jane and Doreen too, she’ll keep the end in view,

Some EQUIPMENT for the Home she’d like to buy.

You can donate on line, that would be simply fine

Let’s encourage them to give it a good try.

For your help our THANKS we say ,Let’s hope it’s a good day

Our grateful prayers  and thoughts to all we send,

Good luck to those who run, we hope it will be fun.

Just make sure you keep on running to the end.


If you wish to sponsor this cause you can do so “on line” by going to “Donate” on the first page of the web site. Choose Holy Family Residence and fill in your details.

Thank you.