Feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan

On 30th August we celebrate the feast of “Jeanne Jugan, a Saint for old age and every age. . . . Jeanne Jugan is the foundress and first Little Sister of the Poor. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on October 3, 1982 and canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 11, 2009.  Jeanne Jugan gave herself entirely to God and the elderly poor. As our aging population continues to grow and dignity at the end of life is increasingly threatened, Jeanne Jugan offers herself as a friend and patron of the elderly. She is a Saint for old age and every age.”

Saint Jeanne Jugan, foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, was not recognized as such until after her death. Jeanne transformed  her life  into a path toward holiness that helped her connect with the suffering of Christ. . . . Charles Dickens visited her on one occasion .Afterwards he wrote ‘There is in  something so calm, and so holy, that in seeing her I know myself to be in the presence of a superior being. Her words went straight to my heart, so that my eyes, I know not how, filled with tears.’ – CD


United with Little Sisters around the world we recall the advice of St Jeanne Jugan:

“We must always say, Blessed be God, Thank you my God. He is so good.”

We wish you all a Happy Feastday.

Prayer to St. Jeanne Jugan                                Jesus You rejoiced and praised your Father for having revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. We thank you for the graces granted to your humble servant, Saint Jeanne Jugan, to whom we confide our petitions and needs. Father of the poor, you have never refused the prayer of the lowly, we ask you therefore to hear the petitions that she presents to you on our behalf. Jesus, through Mary, your Mother and ours we ask this of you who live and reign with the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen.                           

               St. Jeanne Jugan, pray for us


(please note there is a short video of the life of Jeanne Jugan which you, the reader, can access on the first page of this site)