Celebrating in Ferrybank


T’is fit and well he’s looking on his 100th birthday

Congratulations were received from the President with a generous gift; a few family members were allowed.

Everyone was happy

It was a wet and windy day but that did not prevent family and friends from driving around the grounds, balloons flying and car horns blowing. Pat’s hobbies included fishing, golfing, horse riding, magic tricks and cards. Plenty to keep him occupied. His special birthday cake was decorated for the occasion.

On the same day Mairin Harding was 98 but she celebrated in advance.

Raise a glass to another birthday girl. Bernie and Dick celebrate Bernie’s Birthday.

Meanwhile work must go on and the builders were busy in the crafts department…with spring in the air, bird houses are under construction.

Image result for simple birdhouse painting ideas Image result for simple birdhouse painting ideas Well done everyone

Oops. We almost forgot the Valentine’s Day Party.

Love changes everything.

Only what we give away

     enriches us from day to day,

        for not in getting but in giving

                    is found the lasting joy of living.

Helen Steiner Rice