A Day at the Zoo

Residents in Raheny were asked if they had any preference for a day out.A group agreed unanimously they would love to go to the Zoo. 

Thanks to co-operation from Dublin Zoo Staff, our own volunteers and staff,we had an appointment with Dublin Zoo on 12th July.

On our arrival the guide was waiting for us and we can say we received preferential treatment. We thought we would like to see the monkeys first. 

Very agile they showed themselves to be.

And the beautiful flamingos

Beautiful weather added to the enjoyment.We enjoyed refreshments in the sunshine. We were so engrossed in our visit that we did not notice the front doors were locked. It was past closing time. However we got out by a side gate although one of the keepers jokingly offered us a place, which we seriously refused.

A happy time was had by all.

Thanks to all who helped us